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Services for the Disabled in Philadelphia, PA

It’s easy to get overwhelmed while scouting for caregivers for disabled adults. There are many different types of assisted living facilities and houses to choose from. Personal preferences, support needs, and expenses are all factors to consider. 

All of the case management and disability assistance offered by services for the disabled in Philadelphia is geared toward helping our customers maintain as much of an independent lifestyle as possible. 

Advanced and specialized expertise in this area assures the safety of clients and empowers you and your family to get the most out of life, from disability assistance, accessible transportation, skilled care, and more.

Services for the Disabled

What Care Options Are Available?

Nursing homes, independent living communities, and private residences all provide services for the disabled. Daily living assistance can be provided in the privacy of one’s own home, in an independent living community, or in an assisted living facility.

Assisted Living

An elderly person who has a serious impairment or whose condition has worsened may have to think about relocating to an aged care facility. People with restricted mobility can get ongoing care from professional caregivers for disabled adults and health professionals in residential aged care facilities.

Independent Living

This option is for people who prefer to live in a community with peers. Independent living also provides in-house special needs professional careers to make things easier for everyone.

A health professional can make a huge impact in your daily life if you are a person with a disability. These specialists can help you improve your flexibility, balance, and movement, and provide you with advice on topics like food, exercise, or the correct technique to lift, as well as suitable home adjustments.

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Homecare for Disabled Adults

Making your home easy to live in is feasible and will help disabled people maintain independence in their homes. Raised toilet seats, slip-resistant bathroom mats, over-bed trays, food carts, jar openers, and special knives and forks are just a few examples of the various daily living aids and equipment options available to people with disabilities.

Patients who are unable to bathe, dress, or eat may benefit from home care. With the support of caregivers for special needs adults, people can age in place in their own homes.

Our Home Care Services for the Disabled

Our services for people with disabilities include the following:


There are a variety of treatment options available at All American Home Care, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy, as well as active and passive range of motion exercises.

Relieving Tension

Pressure sores, decubitus ulcers, and the requirement for wound care might result from a lack of mobility. Our caregivers are trained to provide pressure relief every 15 minutes to wheelchair-bound patients and to shift bed-bound patients every two hours to minimize the consequences of extended immobility.

Traveling With a Friend

Individuals with disabilities may find it difficult to travel and use public transit. However, for many people, travel is an essential aspect of their lives, whether for business or pleasure. For those with special needs, We provide travel companion services for the disabled so that they can experience more of life.

Finance Considerations

The high expense of long-term home care assistance for the disabled is one of the biggest obstacles to be overcome. Many families cannot afford to pay for residential and care costs on their own. Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and HUD all offer financial assistance to those in need.

Get Assistance From All American Home Care

It doesn’t matter if you need a break from caring or require constant professional home care services for your loved disabled one, All American Home Care can help. Reach out to us, and our team will provide you with a solution.

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