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What Is Dementia Home Care in Philadelphia, PA?

In-home care refers to a variety of services that are delivered in the patient’s own home rather than in a hospital or care facility.

The convenience of care in your home can lower costs and allow more time to be spent with family members. Home care is also able to focus on wellness and everyday activities that aren’t possible in a nursing home or assisted living facility.

Dementia Home Care

A recent report from the Alzheimer’s Association found that there are 5 million people living with dementia in the United States, with one new case of Alzheimer’s being diagnosed every 66 seconds. Furthermore, it is estimated that someone develops Alzheimer’s every 67 seconds and that nearly two-thirds of people with Alzheimer’s live at home. This increase in the number of dementia cases has led to an increased demand for home care services and experts who know how to care for individuals with dementia.

Benefits of Dementia Care at Home

Opting for a home caregiver offers numerous benefits as opposed to nursing homes. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Companionship for the patient
  • Help with various household tasks
  • Allow the patient to stay connected with friends and family members who visit regularly
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week monitoring (assistance during late night hours or on weekends)
  • Familiar environment for the patient

Not only do these benefit the patient, but they also relieve family members of tedious duties that involve monitoring and taking care of the individual at all times. With professional home care for Alzheimer’s patients, all family members can relax and go about their day without any worries.

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Do You Need Alzheimer’s Home Care?

Dementia at home is tricky to manage for both caregivers and those affected by Alzheimer’s. There are two questions you should ask yourself before opting for dementia care at home:

  1. When you should seek home care
  2. What it involves

You should seek home care if the Alzheimer’s is severe, i.e. the affected individual is showing signs of aggression or extreme behavioral changes that you are unable to control. Secondly, home care is essential if you are unable to monitor the individual at all times.

This is because leaving them alone can cause them to feel confused and frustrated and even lead to self-harm. Thus, taking control of your loved one’s health and safety is essential to making them feel comfortable in their surroundings, making each day as calm as possible. ​

Currently, we offer dementia home care in Philadelphia. You can hire a licensed, professional caretaker who helps the individual with daily tasks and minimizes the symptoms of dementia through medication and other remedies.

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Dementia Home Care Services

Our team is made of trained individuals who are not only experts in their field but also take care of your loved ones like their own family. Here are the following services you can expect caregivers at All American Home Care to provide:

Planning for a future with dementia

1 Our healthcare professionals offer invaluable advice about what your loved one will need to maintain their health as they age.

Meaningful activities in each day

2 Activities may include arts and crafts, reading, puzzles and games, taking walks, and doing chores around the house. Another effective activity is reminiscing; talking about old times helps to re-engage that part of their brain which allows them to feel better.

Managing behavioral issues

3 Our caregivers help with Alzheimer’s care by calming down the individual in case of a behavioral change. Effective remedies such as reducing noise levels and reassuring the individual are used to help the affected relax. Medication may also be used depending upon the severity of the condition.

Making the home safe and secure

4 Our team will guide you in taking effective steps to make your home a safe place for your loved one suffering from dementia. Measures such as marking glass doors, removing clutter, and placing locks on stoves are essential for their safety.

If you need any dementia services from our caregivers, please give All American Home Care a call today!

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