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The Best Nursing Care For Stroke Patients at Home in Philadelphia, PA

Did you know that before a cerebrovascular accident was called a stroke, its first name was apoplexy which means “struck with violence”? A stroke is a sudden functional abnormality of the brain due to a blood supply interruption to a part of the brain. It has two types Ischemic and Hemorrhagic stroke.

Stroke is fatal and the fifth leading cause of death in the US, but if it’s not neglected and with proper care, there’s a high chance of surviving the disease. Read more to learn the appropriate nursing care for stroke patients at home and tips in looking for stroke home care in Allentown, PA, or anywhere in Pennsylvania.

Home Care for Stroke Patients

What Is Home Care For Stroke Patients?

The stroke recovery process begins within 24 to 48 hours or when the patient becomes medically stable. Stroke rehabilitation is a critical process that can take weeks, months, and years. While many believe intensive care is effective, experts say that home health care for stroke patients speeds up their recovery. You will be the caregiver when caring for a stroke patient at home where you need to:

  • Provide personal and medical needs
  • Manage finances and insurance
  • Help the patient get around the house and do their daily activities
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Effective Ways to Care For Stroke Patients at Home

The whole process of recovery will need patience, hard work, and commitment from the patient and caregiver. Caring for a stroke patient at home may seem easy at first, but it’s exhausting, and you may neglect yourself, resulting in improper care. Here’s how to give proper home care after a stroke.

Be a Caregiver but Don’t Do Everything

In providing home care for stroke patients, you need to be there only when they ask for help or if necessary. Instead of doing everything for them, encourage them to try moving independently and do their daily rehabilitation exercises. You also need to be understanding and supportive when the patient is dealing with anxiety, depression, and loneliness.

Talk to a Nursing Home for Stroke Patients

Don’t be afraid to ask if you have questions about caring for stroke patients at home. There are many stroke homes care in Philadelphia, PA, where you can ask for tips, home modifications for a safer environment, caregiving support, and insurance coverage. Some of these nursing homes for stroke patients also have support groups that simultaneously help you and the patient.

Be Cautious With Medications and Supplements

To properly care for a stroke patient, be careful about their medications and supplements. All stroke medications have different side effects that you need to monitor. Also, some supplements may increase the risk of a second and more fatal stroke.

Record Everything

It is essential to document everything, from medical records, effects of the stroke, medication, and changes in the patient’s behavior. For example, if the patient shows new side effects, record it so that it’s easy to remember how often it happened and call the doctor immediately. Keep these papers ready and updated at every doctor’s appointment.

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Lower Stroke Risks

Changing lifestyle habits and serious falls reduce the risks of recurrent stroke. Always keep the patient’s blood pressure, cholesterol, and stress levels normal. Ensure the patient’s surroundings are safe and your loved one has sufficient mobility before leaving them alone.

Don’t Lose Hope

In most cases, three months into home care after a stroke, a survivor may experience a “plateau” where recovery slows down. Be strong for your loved one. Instead of feeling discouraged, use this to improve your rehabilitation plan. Don’t give up and believe in a faster and higher recovery.

Have a Day Off

Providing home health care for stroke patients is a huge responsibility that sometimes leads to burnout. Rest, be patient, and don’t lose your life. Ask a family member to care for the patient for a day and have some time to recharge.

Stroke Home Care in Philadelphia, PA

Understandably, there are situations where no one is always available to care for a stroke patient, and it’s okay to ask and ask for help. All American Home Care is a stroke home care in Philadelphia, PA, that can help you. But if you’re looking for stroke home care in stroke home care in Allentown, PA, or any other place in the US, remember that excellent nursing homes for stroke patients should:

  • Have caregivers who fully understand and know how to manage the various deficits and complications associated with stroke.
  • Explain the stroke rehabilitation process, such as the recovery timeline, the type of rehabilitation needed, etc.
  • Enlighten the patient and their family about the disease, identifying and modifying stroke risk factors to prevent reoccurrence.
  • Help to increase the patient’s accountability by encouraging them to keep a log or use online tools to monitor their blood pressure, food intake, and glucose levels.

Get Nursing Care For Stroke Patients From All American Home Care

Home care for stroke patients has different effects on their behavior and physical health than those who stay at hospitals or rehab centers, especially for senior citizens. However, taking care of them alone is difficult. That is why All American Home Care is here. Reach out to us to give your loved ones high-quality health care services to help them recover fast and have a better life.

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