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Home Care for Diabetes in Philadelphia, PA

Over 34 million U.S. individuals have diabetes, but 1 in 5 is unaware. The risk of complications like heart failure, high blood pressure, stroke, sores, and renal disease increases when diabetes isn’t well treated.

Living with diabetes has several challenges, including regulating insulin and blood sugar levels and developing a balanced lifestyle. While there may not be a way to completely reverse diabetes, it can be kept under control with the help of medicine, a healthier lifestyle, and regular exercise. However, if untreated, the illness can be very incapacitating. You can help yourself or a loved one by hiring home health care for diabetes.

Home Care for Diabetes

Diabetes Home Care Philadelphia, PA

Services from All American Homecare in Philadelphia, PA can help decrease the toll that diabetes takes on a patient’s health and quality of life. The Caregiver administers prescriptions, encourages physical activity, and prepares meals for the patient as per a meal plan established by a doctor, home health nurse, or dietitian (e.g., low sodium, low cholesterol, low fat, vegetarian, or vegan).

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Diabetes Home Care Allentown, PA

Taking care of your blood sugar and insulin levels while living with diabetes is no easy task. Despite the lack of a cure, diabetes can be well managed at home. However, if untreated, the condition can be extremely detrimental to health.

To mitigate the toll that sickness takes on a person’s health and quality of life, our home care diabetes health is available in Allentown, PA. Our caregivers are educated to help those with diabetes and their loved ones cope with the disease. Below are some of the benefits that patients can receive by availing of our diabetes in-home care.

Aide With Vision and Mobility

The eyes and the nerve endings are particularly vulnerable to the effects of diabetes. Damage to the nerves in the feet and the eyes make mobility difficult. This can make it harder for individuals to go about their normal routines and increase their risk of injury from slips and falls. So, this is where our home health care comes in. Our home care staff can help clients with daily tasks including reading mail, cooking, and transportation.

Medication Administration and Management

A patient who has become disoriented may not be able to reach out for assistance in time to keep their blood sugar levels stable. Having a home care professional can ease the mind of a diabetic. Our caregivers can take care of diabetic patients at home. They help keep an eye on blood sugar levels, recognize the signs of low and high blood sugar, and call for help if necessary.

Enhance Quality of Life

High quality of life includes fulfillment, ease, and active engagement. Our At-home care for diabetic seniors means they can have company. They can take a ride to work, see a movie, join a group, go shopping, meet a friend for lunch, or go for a stroll and catch up on the latest gossip. To have a high quality of life means to be able to pursue the things that bring us joy without compromising our health, our relationships with others, or our physical well-being.

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Tracking Blood Glucose Levels

Monitoring blood glucose levels regularly is a crucial part of diabetes management. However, some elderly people have difficulty checking their blood sugar due to decreased dexterity or vision. Our home health aides can monitor a senior’s blood sugar and show them how to overcome barriers that prevent them from doing so on their own. A patient’s doctor can make more informed prescription decisions after reviewing a patient’s blood glucose logs.

Meal Planning and Preparation

Controlling blood sugar requires a commitment to a healthy diet. It might be difficult for patients to cook nutritious meals on their own if they have limited mobility, poor eyesight, etc. They can receive assistance using our home care with meal planning, grocery shopping, and preparation from a home health care worker. They also educate the elderly on how to control their diabetes through diet.

For instance, the diet of a diabetic senior citizen should consist primarily of foods that are high in protein and fat and low in carbohydrates. Our support and meal plans will make sure the patient is receiving enough food to meet their nutritional requirements.

Physical Activity

Regular exercise can help maintain healthy blood sugar levels. With the help of our caretaker, your loved ones can get some gentle exercise or go for walks outside. Boosting physical activity levels will result in greater usage of blood sugar for energy.

Get Home Care for Diabetes From All American Home Care

Taking care of your loved ones shouldn’t be difficult. Regardless of diabetes’s numerous risks and complications, employing All American Homecare services is always a better alternative.

We can customize our home care services to meet the specific requirements of your loved ones. Furthermore, we can assist in relieving a person’s health issues, thereby bettering their condition. If you are looking for a diabetic care service, then schedule a free consultation today. They will guide you the right way and provide details.

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