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Parkinson’s Caregiver in Philadelphia, PA

Fear, disbelief, and confusion are all common emotions that might arise when coping with the progression of Parkinson’s disease. This neurodegenerative brain illness and the effect it has on the action and control of muscles is very poorly understood to this day because no one really knows what causes them.

Even though there is not yet a cure for Parkinson’s disease, organizations such as the Parkinson’s Foundation are contributing to the advancement of new medications and therapies. If you are living with someone who suffers from this affliction, please consider getting home care for Parkinson’s patients.

Parkinsons Caregiver

What Can You Expect?

They will go through periods of independence and then periods of extreme dependence. This can give the impression of unreasonable demands or manipulation to the caregiver.  It’s important to remember that Parkinson’s is a degenerative disease. Medications and surgical procedures can help alleviate symptoms, but they cannot halt the development of the underlying disease.

Consider Parkinson’s Care Homes

At some point, you will have to open your web browser and type in the words: care home for Parkinson’s patients near me. This is neither a failing on your end nor a sign that you don’t love your family enough. It is a sad decision to make, and you might want to hold on and take care of them yourself, but you will come to realize that you need the help of people who do this professionally to monitor your loved one around the clock.

All American Home Care provides the best Parkinson’s homecare services in Philadelphia, PA, and we offer many advantages. Meals and care are available around the clock at assisted living facilities. We also offer nursing care, which can be helpful for those who require more intensive medical attention. In addition, some will offer fun activities for patients to do. This will keep them happy and engaged.

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How Trained Parkinson’s Caregivers Can Help

If you are one of the one million people living in the United States who have this chronic ailment, you are aware that the symptoms typically develop gradually over the course of several years. As the condition advances, it is our duty and desire to be there for you and to provide you with Parkinson’s care at home.

The expert home care teams provided by All American Home Care are aware of exactly how to work with muscle stiffness and tremors in order to prevent frustration and falls. With the following supportive caregiving services, we are also able to assist those living with Parkinson’s disease in maintaining their strength and dignity:

Mobility Assistance

Some people who have Parkinson’s disease require additional assistance with daily activities such as taking a shower, getting dressed, eating, and using the bathroom. Skilled caregivers from All American Home Care are mindful of the slower pace that neuromuscular disorders bring about, and they respect their patients’ desire for typical routines as well as their right to privacy.

General Exercise

Exercise is absolutely necessary for those who have Parkinson’s disease in order to keep their balance, mobility, and strength. In-home Parkinson’s caregivers are able to provide assistance with a variety of modest fitness regimens, including stretching, walking, and others.

Relief for the Family

Providing in-home care for Parkinson’s patients can be taxing on both the caregiver’s physical and emotional resources. We offer temporary relief to family carers so that they can take a break and give everyone participating in the care network some peace of mind.

Proper Meal Planning

Those who suffer from Parkinson’s disease should prioritize eating well because it can assist in strengthening their muscles and bones. Our care for Parkinson’s patients includes a healthy meal plan that we prepare keeping in mind the specific needs of every patient— and we make sure to stick with it!

Constant Supervision

Unstable walking, which is a common symptom of Parkinson’s disease, frequently leads to stumbles and falls. With professionals always watching over there, the risk of injuries due to accidental falls is heavily reduced–if not eliminated entirely.


People who suffer from Parkinson’s disease may find it challenging or impossible to operate a motor vehicle. All American Home Care offers transportation to medical appointments, therapy sessions, and other locations. Because of the support we provide with transportation, family members do not need to take time off of work.

Get the Best Parkinson’s Caregiver For Your Loved Ones From All American Home Care

Parkinson’s disease patients and their loved ones who care for them can benefit from participating in support groups and online forums. Check with your neurologist or treating physician, nearby hospitals, and Parkinson’s programs to locate a support group that suits your needs. Dealing with this disease is traumatic, so the better your support network, the better.

If you’re looking for Parkinson’s homecare in Philadelphia or Allentown, PA, we take care of it. Contact us today and we’ll tell you all you need to know.

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