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Sweet Home Services

Sweet Home Services

Sweet Home Services

April 15 2020

Sweet Home Services Philadelphia, PA

Sweet Home Healthcare is an accredited, bonded, and warranted home healthcare firm with agencies in and throughout Pennsylvania. The staff practices Sweet Home services – hourly and daily caregiving, as well as short term and long term tasks.

This firm was established in 2012 with the single focus of increasing the quality of life for the sick and disabled elderly in Pennsylvania. Employees of Home Sweet Home healthcare agency take attention to and respect for both older people and caregivers seriously and strive to ensure both every day.

This company has an exclusive SeekFirst plan that focuses on personal care for each customer. Today, services are available to over 2000 consumers and caregivers, and they work in over 15 counties with offices in Philadelphia, Scranton, and Harrisburg.

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What They Provide

Sweet Home Services give non-medical residence care that helps the personal independence of those under guidance. Their Home Sweet Home care services ensure that seniors are provided with trained caregivers to help them with their day-to-day activities. Clients’ loved one can continue to perform routine operations with confidence and safety.

Caregiving Home Sweet Home in-home services are also created to support other seniors. It provides qualified care possible for customers with the help of a professional caregiver, who loves their job in Pennsylvania.

Their services are a suitable choice for those who don’t want to hire a medical professional or have their close persons cared for in an assisted living facility. Every customer only pays for the services required.

Most Popular Offerings

The Home Sweet Home healthcare services provide all types of care in Philadelphia and other counties in Pennsylvania. Some of them are very popular among customers. Here are the most prominent caregiving services.

All-Day Caregiving

Sweet Home Services ensures that the client’s loved one gets Home Sweet Home personal care in Pennsylvania. They will be provided with a caregiver 24 hours a day. Qualified staff prioritizes the needs of those they are charged to Home Sweet Home nursing care for. They will give them their full attention and energy.

This firm is committed to ensuring that the seniors in Home Sweet Home health care can maintain their everyday lifestyle in the comfort of their homes. It is vital for their wellbeing. Services are also designed to help prevent them from slipping into depression. Qualified caregivers will engage the customer’s loved one in activities designed to keep their minds alert and give them a new lease on life.

Sweet Home Services 24-hour care is an affordable option to ensure the loved one receives quality care. The elderly will get all the perks of comfort living with the help of the professional. It would cost at a fraction of the cost of living in a Home Sweet Home nursing home in Philadelphia.

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Non-Medical Transportation

​Sweet Home transportation services are designed to ensure independence and comfort. Customers don’t have to adjust their schedules to suit that of other people. They, in turn, can schedule activities at their convenience. There is no need to say that being able to go wherever you want, whenever you want, helps your independence.

Vehicles at this company are also designed to suit individual needs. Most of them can provide a wheelchair, as well as other equipment. Traveling with caregivers in Pennsylvania will ease the hassle of getting around. The vehicles are comfortable to board and disembark from. The seating is designed to cater to different needs. Customers can be sure of the excellent level of comfort while in transit.

Dementia Care

When clients have dementia, caregivers must be specially trained to provide optimal care. A particular level of Home Sweet Home senior care is needed to maintain each client’s specific comfort levels and cater to their state of health. That’s why the Sweet Home Service team of caregivers is specially-trained and certified to help manage the intricacies of dementia.

The company strives to maintain a high level of health and wellbeing for their clients. Staff incorporates special activities to help make sure that clients’ memory and cognitive skills are sharpened and maintained daily. Professional caregivers provide Sweet Home adult day care for older persons in Pennsylvania.

Do you have more questions about professional care in Pennsylvania? You can contact All American Home Care today for extra information and quality service. Here is our number — 215-531-7882.

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