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How do You Know You Need Elder Care for Your Loved One?

How do You Know You Need Elder Care for Your Loved One?

How do You Know You Need Elder Care for Your Loved One?

October 04 2019

6 Signs to Look for that Indicate Your Elderly Loved One May Need Elder Care Services

All of us will get to a point in our lives when we will need more help doing daily tasks due to limiting factors brought on by age. It can be hard for some to give up that feeling of independence. However, elder care services allow an elderly person to continue to live with grace and dignity while receiving tailored care to their personal needs. But how do you know it is time to seek elderly care for your loved one?  Look for these 6 signs that will help you know when it’s time.

Their Appearance

1A disheveled appearance may be one of the first changes you notice in your loved one that may signal they need some elder care. For many seniors, it can be difficult to care for their appearance and hygiene. A lack of coordination and balance can make it difficult to bathe regularly, brush their hair or even wash their clothes. In some cases, this change can be due to depression or the beginnings of dementia.

The Household

2As a person ages, it can also become more difficult to take care of their house and yard. If you notice an unkempt yard, dishes in the sink, layers of dust on surfaces or laundry piling up, this is also a sign that your elderly loved one is in need of help with tasks around the house.

Their Health

3One of the most common reasons we realize it may be time for elderly care is due to declining health. If your loved one misses appointments or forgets to take their medications these are clues that your loved one may need help with managing their health. Watch for any health conditions that noticeably worsen over time, a cough that lingers or injuries such as limping.

Their Nutritional Health

4Proper nutrition is critical during our elderly years, however it can be difficult for many seniors to prepare nutritious meals for themselves. It can also be tiring or difficult to go grocery shopping. Signs of not receiving the nutrition needed include weight gain or loss, a pantry or fridge with little food in it and even a general weakness or declining health. Some elderly may not eat or eat very little due to a lack of appetite. Because of these different causes, it is best to have your loved one examined by their doctor to determine the cause. Whether it is a declining ability to cook or depression that causes a loss of appetite, elder care can address the issue of proper nutrition.

Their Activity Level

Another sign that your loved one may need elderly care is if they have withdrawn from their favorite or normal activities. Perhaps your loved one no longer attends their weekly bridge club meet or weekly religious services. If you notice this, you will need to determine the reason. It may be caused by mobility issues, depression or another illness. Speak with your loved one to determine the reason why. Having elder care for your loved one can help keep them engaged, warding off feelings of isolation and depression.

Unexplained Injuries or Bruising

While the occasional bruise or scrape is nothing to get too upset about, seeing injuries constantly on your loved one can be a cause for concern. Unexplained bumps and bruises could mean balance and mobility issues, poor eyesight or other issues. Falls can be a serious injury that are hard to recover from for many seniors so keep an eye out for the smaller clues before it gets to that dangerous point. Elder care for your loved one will ensure they are able to move about safely and still enjoy life.

It’s important to note that you shouldn’t wait for all 6 signs to be fulfilled before you seek out elder care for your loved one. There are many different kinds of elder care services to meet their needs, from meal delivery programs to companionship to in-home health care. If your loved one is showing one or more of these signs, reach out to them and their doctor to discuss your options together.

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