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What Is Personal Care in Philadelphia, PA?

Personal home care assistance, also known as personal caregiving services or in-home care, is designed for individuals who are unable to perform activities of daily living independently.
Personal care in the home encompasses several things, including help with daily tasks such as bathing and cooking or more complex tasks such as taking medications and post-op care.

Personal Care Agency

A Guide To Personal Care

A personal care provider, or PCP, can be very beneficial for senior citizens and other people with disabilities who require assistance with their daily living needs.

Many patients may prefer to stay in their own homes instead of moving to a residential care facility because they like being able to stay close to their friends and family.

If you’re considering hiring an in-home PCP, here are some tips that will help you get the most out of your personal care home provider and your time together.

Do You Need Personal Care Assistance?

It is important to assess the needs of the individual before hiring a personal care provider. If they need help with simple tasks or are recovering from an injury/illness that requires specialized care, then it’s important to hire a professional service provider — for example, a full-time nurse.

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Medical Services We Offer

Our personal care agency offers medical services that help adults and children continue living safely at home. Choose from our range of personal care services depending on your needs:

Palliative Care and Hospice

1 Individuals with serious illnesses such as cancer require specialized treatment that includes medical, psychological, and social support. When treatment fails, the patient is often left alone with their problem.

Family members of such patients may not understand how to improve their quality of life, how to help them cope with worries, or how to alleviate suffering.

Professional home palliative care for cancer patients, the elderly, and the disabled may be the best option. It can have a good impact on the patient and their loved ones’ lives.

24-Hour Monitoring

2 Individuals that suffer from illnesses such as dementia or those that limit mobility may require 24-hour care.

This can be expensive but necessary if the individual is not capable of looking after themselves or have a family member that can take care of them round the clock.

Waiver Program

3 Waiver programs, also known as waiver-funded services, are services for people who require long-term care yet want to stay in their own homes.

The quality of care provided through a waiver program is comparable to that provided in a hospital or nursing home, but it allows patients to live as independently as possible, delaying or even avoiding admission to a medical facility.

Home Health Aide

4 Elderly personal care in Philadelphia is gradually gaining popularity as a viable alternative to traditional kinds of senior care, such as nursing homes. This is because obtaining therapy and assistance at home is more comfortable.

Many seniors in nursing homes miss the familiarity of their own homes, and moving to a new location can be challenging for those suffering from dementia.

Home health care for seniors allows patients to remain at home while receiving the same high-quality care and treatment they would receive in a facility.

Nursing Home Care

5 Long-term nursing home care encompasses a variety of personal care assistance services.

It involves medical treatment delivered in the privacy of your own home, as well as assistance with daily tasks like personal hygiene, dressing, and feeding.

Your loved one can receive these services at home, just as they would in a nursing facility in the United States. It’s worth noting that most long-term nursing care is not covered by Medicare.

In this case, an agency like All American Home Care is a viable and effective solution to ensure your loved ones receive the care they need.

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