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10 Sore Throat Remedies

10 Sore Throat Remedies

10 Sore Throat Remedies

March 01 2022

10 Sore Throat Remedies

A sore throat is a common symptom associated with viral infections such as common colds and the flu, as well as with bacterial infections. A sore throat caused by a virus can resolve on its own, usually within a week. However, a sore throat caused by a streptococcal infection requires antibacterial treatment.

Whatever the cause of your sore throat, throat pain that worsens when swallowing and talking is uncomfortable. To help you relieve these uncomfortable feelings, we’ve compiled home remedies for sore throat for you, so you don’t have to buy expensive medication.

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What Are the Causes of a Sore Throat?

Here are the most common causes of a sore throat:

Viral Infections:

  • Influenza (flu)
  • Common colds
  • Measles
  • Chickenpox


  • Streptococcus

Other Causes

  • Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)
  • Irritants such as tobacco smoke and other odorous chemicals
  • Allergies to pollen, dust, and mold
  • Dry air or dryness from breathing through your mouth
  • Yelling, talking for long periods, and talking loudly
  • HIV infection
  • Tumors on the throat

How to Get Rid of a Sore Throat

To prevent sore throat, avoid the germs that cause it and practice good hygiene. Below are tips to get rid of a sore throat:

  • Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly. Do this for at least 20 seconds after sneezing or coughing, using the toilet, touching frequently touched surfaces, and before and after eating.
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces or objects such as phones, doorknobs, light switches, and computer keyboards.
  • Avoid close contact with people with colds, coughs, and sore throats.
  • Use 70% alcohol-based sanitizers. If you can’t wash your hands, you can use this alternative.
  • Avoid touching your face, especially if you touch public objects or surfaces.
  • Increase your immune system. Aside from sore throat prevention, an increased immune system will prevent other illnesses.

How to Cure a Sore Throat?

Due to the uncomfortable feeling, many are asking the following: “what kills a sore throat fast,” “how to fix a sore throat,” or “how to make your throat stop hurting?” However, treatment of a sore throat will depend on what causes it.

If a virus causes your sore throat, you might be given antiviral medication. Sore throat from viruses will usually go away within seven to ten days.

If it is due to bacterial infection, you will be prescribed antibacterial drugs. You will feel better after taking it for a few days. Remember to take all the medication even if you feel better. This will prevent the sore throat from returning and possible resistance of the bacteria to the medication.

If an allergy causes your sore throat, identify your allergy triggers and avoid them. Your doctor may prescribe anti-allergy medications.

Home Remedies for Sore Throat

What’s good for a sore throat? For sore throat relief, you can try the following sore and scratchy throat remedies below:

Warm Saltwater Gargle

1 Saltwater may not give immediate relief. However, it can loosen the mucus and ease your pain. Don’t use too much salt, and don’t swallow the saltwater. Too much salt can further dry out your throat membranes.

  • Use 1 tsp of salt in 8 ounces of warm water.
  • Gargle mixture for 15 to 30 seconds frequently.


2 This can be the best sore throat remedy due to its natural antibacterial property. It can offer immediate pain relief while reducing inflammation. It can also fight viruses and act as an effective cough suppressant.

  • Add two tablespoons of honey to a warm glass of tea or water.
  • Drinks frequently within the day as needed.

Caution: Don’t give honey to children below 1-year-old. Honey has clostridium botulinum spores that can cause infantile botulism.

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Apple Cider Vinegar

3 Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid that is proven to have an antimicrobial property that can kill bacteria. It can also loosen phlegm.

  • Mix 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar to 8 ounces of water.
  • Gargle as needed.

Cayenne Pepper Gargle

4 Using cayenne pepper for a sore throat may sound strange. Cayenne pepper is proven to relieve sore throat due to capsaicin present on peppers. The capsaicin can fight inflammation and provide pain relief. A burning sensation at first is expected.

  • Mix ½ teaspoon of cayenne pepper into a warm glass of water.
  • Gargle as needed.

Caution: Don’t do a cayenne pepper gargle if you have an open wound or sores in the mouth or throat.

Other Warm Fluids

5 Drinking warm fluids such as warm water, water with lemon or honey, and warm soup will soothe your sore throat. Staying hydrated will thin your mucus, keep your throat moist, and ease your nasal congestion. However, avoid caffeinated drinks and alcohol because they are diuretic and can dehydrate you.


6 Peppermint contains menthol, which helps soothe sore throats, thin mucus, and ease a dry cough. It also has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral properties. Peppermint can naturally numb your throat and decrease pain.

  • You can drink peppermint tea as needed.
  • You can also put peppermint essential oil on a humidifier.

Caution: Never ingest essential oils.


7 Herbal teas are good natural remedies for sore throat. Chamomile, raspberry, and peppermint tea can reduce inflammation and reduce pain. Chamomile tea is good when you have a hoarse voice because it is a natural lubricant.  Green tea and clove tea have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Zinc Lozenges

8 Zinc lozenges can reduce a sore throat and shorten the duration of common colds. Like other lozenges, zinc lozenges keep the throat moist.


9 A humidifier will open your sinuses by keeping the air moist. The moist air can also soothe the swollen throat. A warm mist humidifier will heat the water inside to release steam into the air. This is good during cold weather. A cool-mist humidifier can cool the room and is a better option if you have kids to prevent accidental burns.

Make sure always to clean the humidifier and place fresh water regularly. This will prevent bacteria from breeding in the humidifier.

Over the Counter Pain Medications

10 Over-the-counter medications such as paracetamol or acetaminophen and pain medications can help alleviate the pain and inflammation.

  • Do not drink pain medications on an empty stomach because they can irritate your stomach and cause ulcers.
  • If you have other underlying conditions, it’s best to ask your physician before taking any medication.

Home Remedies for Strep Throat

Home remedies for strep throat are the same as a regular sore throat. However, since it is an infection caused by bacteria, you must be prescribed an antibiotic. If you develop fever, you can drink acetaminophen.

Untreated strep throat can cause rheumatic fever 1 to 5 weeks after the infection. Rheumatic fever can affect your brain, heart, joints, and skin.

To prevent complications from strep throat, make sure to know the cause of your sore throat. Early antibiotic treatment is essential.

What to Avoid if You Have a Sore Throat?

Follow the list below to relieve you of a sore throat:

Smoking or Secondhand Smoking

Cigarettes contain chemicals that irritate the tissues. The smoke can also cause dryness, irritation, and swelling of the throat. Also, avoid someone who smokes when you have a sore throat to prevent further irritation.

Hard Foods or Foods That Are Difficult to Swallow

Hard foods can irritate your throat further. It is best to eat soft foods and soups until your sore throat resolves.

All American Health Care is Ready to Help

Although a sore throat is common, we know how uncomfortable it is to have one. If the above home remedies and treatment don’t alleviate the pain, we are here for you. We want you to recover from any illness and have a healthy life. All American Health Care provides high-quality home health and personal care services. Don’t hesitate to call us and let us take good care of you.

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