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How to Resolve Eyesight Focus Problems

How to Resolve Eyesight Focus Problems

How to Resolve Eyesight Focus Problems

December 10 2020

How to Resolve Eyesight Focus Problems

The golden age of life might not be as golden for your eyesight. Age is directly related to the deterioration of eyesight for many. There are a lucky few who are able to retain the quality of their eyesight, but the majority of older people already have a plethora of vision issues, including having trouble focusing eyes and seeing double vision font.

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My Eyes Won’t Focus: What to Do

What are the ways to make your vision better, you might ask? Here are some suggestions on how to get clearer vision.

Progressive Eyeglasses

1 The multifocal features that progressive lenses provide can directly counter the loss of eyesight focus inflicted by presbyopia. Progressive lenses can either be bifocal or trifocal. Bifocal has a magnifying function called “add” that capacitates our loved ones to read at a normal reading distance.

On the other hand, trifocals level it up with their “intermediate” power that enables eyesight to focus on images at arm’s length.

Surgical treatment

2 Several facilities are already offering presbyopia treatment through surgery. A surgical method commonly picked by patients is the corneal inlay implantation. This improves the depth of vision and can suffice as an alternative to reading glasses.

Healthy Lifestyle and Diet

3 While this will do much to significantly improve your eyesight, a healthy lifestyle and wholesome diet can deliver essential vitamins that better your eyesight. It is advisable to eat balanced meals, drink plenty of water, and take plenty of eye rests.

Eye Exercises

4 These are perceptual learning exercises that invigorate the visual stimuli of the brain, thereby improving the reading ability and eyesight of patients.

How Age Affects Eyesight

Like other parts of your body, your vision may degrade because of age. Some common manifestations of poorer eyesight because of aging are:

Inability to see in low light: The elderly, especially those that are in their 60s, need three times more light than the required lighting during their 20s.

Blurry or unstable vision: Experiencing blurred vision during exercise or while doing any activity may be a result of body, then visual fatigue. The lower tear production also results in hazy and dim vision.

Problems in focusing eyes: This is among the most common eye problems our loved ones may encounter. This refers to the reduced ability of the retina (eye) to focus on images. This may be a result of any of the following: hyperopia (this is when the visual image is focused behind the retina, making it difficult to see near objects clearly), myopia (this is when the visual image is focused on the retina; thus, the person can’t see far away clearly), astigmatism (this pertains to the irregular curve in front of the eye resulting in fuzzy vision and distorted lights and shapes of objects), or presbyopia. The latter is a similar case to far-sightedness, but it has something more to do with the elasticity of the eyes. The loss of flexibility makes it hard for the eyes to focus, and it makes near-sight activities uncomfortable and sometimes painful.

Reasons Why Your Eyes Won’t Focus

The symptoms of eyes not focusing together are often attributed to presbyopia. As stated above, it is the natural dilapidation in the ability of the eyes to focus on near objects and finely printed texts such as the texts in our mobile phones. This is commonly experienced by our loved ones who already on or beyond their 40s.

The problem of eyes not focusing has been prevalent since 2017. As a matter of fact, about 80% of 45-55 year-olds in North America suffer from this eye problem, with 16% having no medical treatment. While this disorder is natural, it may disrupt our daily activities and affect our overall health and functionality.

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Symptoms of Presbyopia:

  • Tendency to move reading materials or objects you are holding farther away from your eyes in order to focus on them
  • Experiences frequent eye strains, visual exhaustion, and headaches while doing near-sight activities
  • Unclear and blurred vision within a normal reading distance

When Should You See the Doctor?

Although this is natural, there are times when symptoms already require serious medical attention. These are scenarios such as:

  • Seeing double vision which can negatively impact balance, movement, and reading
  • Sudden blurry and hazy vision
  •  Perceives harsh lights, black spots or halos around light
  • Unprecedented loss of sight in one eye with or without pain

Regular checkups and appointments can come as a luxury or a hassle to some. Good thing there are homecare assistance providers that render the best care that your loved ones deserve. My All American Home Care houses the best and top-rated homecare givers that attend to and deliver every need of our elderly clients.

We have specialized training that focuses on providing helpful assistance to our loved ones with declining eyesight and other age-related difficulties. If you’re looking for a specific type of assistance, just name it. Feel free to browse our Services page or consult with one of our representatives today.

Eyes Not Focusing Is a Normal Part of Growing Old

Do not pressure yourself much with vision problems, for they are integral parts of growing older. If you are beginning to see manifestations and symptoms of presbyopia or any eye problem, it is advisable to consult with a doctor immediately.

If you prefer more accessible healthcare for you or your elderly loved one, My All American Home Care offers a wide range of services that caters to the need of elderly clients, especially those with existing illnesses and sensory impairments like poor eyesight.

Home Care Waivers are among the best services we can provide to clients who require long-term medications and assistance while staying in the comforts of their homes. The quality of these services is at par or even greater than that of hospitals and conventional nursing homes.

Your elderly loved ones deserve nothing less than perfection when it comes to home and healthcare. My All American Home Care is the perfect one for the job. Set an appointment with us today to receive the best treatment for you or your loved one.

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