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How To Support Healthcare Workers During Coronavirus

How To Support Healthcare Workers During Coronavirus

How To Support Healthcare Workers During Coronavirus

March 30 2020

How to support home healthcare workers in the US during Covid-19:

While the United States fights coronavirus, a few professions have risen the frontlines. It’s no surprise that healthcare workers are at those frontlines and are working tirelessly to help patients who have complications with COVID-19. If you aren’t on the front-lines, you can do a few things too, to help during this unprecedented season with the pandemic.

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Here’s How You Can Help Home Healthcare Workers During Coronavirus:

  1.  Stay Home: Flattening the curve so that our hospitals can keep up with the needs of COVID-19 patients is crucial. Initial lock down attempts in Washington State have helped tremendously. Limit your shopping trips and get what you need so that you aren’t going into high-touch environments too often, potentially spreading (or catching) germs.
  2. Send a Word of Encouragement: Do you know someone working in home helathcare or in a hospital? Shoot them a text, email, or social media message, telling them how much you appreciate them. Ask them how they’re doing. Listen and don’t expect to be able to solve their problems. What they’re dealing with can be emotionally overwhelming and physically demanding.
  3. Acts of Kindness: Do you know someone who is putting in extra time right now? Feeling exhausted? Ask them if you can walk their dog for them. See if you can shovel their driveway in a snow, or mow their lawn for them. Sometimes you don’t need to ask – just go do it for them.
  4. Send them Food: Ask them when they have a day off and schedule to have dinner delivered to them so that they don’t have to worry about meals.
  5. Send them Toilet Paper:  The coveted item around our country right now is toilet paper. It could be a humorous gift, but also a very practical non-perishable thing that they simply don’t have time to stress about buying now.

We all can do things to support each other during the COVID-19 pandemic. Even if you aren’t a healthcare worker during coronavirus, you can still do your part to support them and support others who are dealing with the virus. We’re all in this together!

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