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Job Satisfaction Tips: Ways to Love What You Do

Job Satisfaction Tips: Ways to Love What You Do

Job Satisfaction Tips: Ways to Love What You Do

March 12 2020

These 7 Tips Will Help Increase Your Job Satisfaction

Let’s face it, your job isn’t always easy. In fact, it can be quite busy, long as well as draining physically and emotionally. All that can add up to stress, frustration and even burnout. But there are also great things about your job too! So how do you make the positive outweigh the negative? These 7 tips will help you love what you do.

Plan Ahead

1In the healthcare field, especially if you travel for your job, it is very important to plan out your day or even your week. Schedule your visits so that you aren’t constantly driving across town to ge to the next patient. Make sure that you budget extra time for the patients who may need it.

Take Breaks

2It is important that we take breaks to recharge and nourish our bodies and minds. Be sure to take time for snacks and meals. Or take a few minutes to de-stress by doing some relaxing breathing techniques or enjoying something fun. These breaks for de-stressing and feeding our bodies and minds helps to recharge and relax us so that when we get back to work, we can give our 100% best!

It’s All About Attitude

3Choosing to have a positive attitude not only can make you feel happier, but it can also improve the mood of those you work with. Don’t cross your arms. Even if you aren’t in a bad mood, your body language can make it seem like you are and it will affect those around you. Smiling will not only improve your mood, but it’s contagious! And, a little humor can also go a long way when you need it.

Show Support, Empathy and Patience

4Not only should you show support, patience and empathy for your patients, but your co-workers as well. You never know when someone on your team is having an off day. Get to know your colleagues–this will help everyone support one another more. And teamwork is key for your line of work. Also, don’t participate in gossip. Don’t be afraid to ask a coworker if they are okay or need some help that day. With a little patience and understanding, you can help to create a positive and beneficial work environment that will improve everyone’s job satisfaction.

Practice Self Care

5Besides taking some breaks at work to practice some calming breathing, you should also practice some self care during your time off. Enjoy your days off and focus on your life, rather than work. In other words, leave work at work. Do something that makes you happy, whether that is family game night, reading a good book, hiking or going for a spa day with some friends. Have a hobby outside of work that you take time for each week, whether that is gardening, baking or scrapbooking. No matter what you decide to do, just enjoy your time whether it is spent as “me time” or with your loved ones.

Remember Why You Do This

6It is inevitable that you will have a bad day not matter how positive you may try to stay. And when those days hit, remember why you chose this career. Keep a list of the reasons why on your phone or a piece of paper that you keep with you at work. When you have a bad day, pull it out and read it. Remember, what you do is rewarding. You have the opportunity to help people each and every day and make a huge impact in their life. That is no small accomplishment!

Choose a Workplace that Appreciates You

7You put in a lot of hard work so make sure that you choose to work for an employer that show you their appreciation. Getting paid what you are worth can certainly help ease an anxious mind. Instead of worrying about getting the bills paid, you can better focus on your patients while at work. Also, look for an employer that offers other benefits, such as paid vacation, health benefits (it’s important that you be healthy in order to care well for others) and schedule flexibility–it all depends on what you are looking for or need!

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Chances are, you are already implementing some of these techniques. But don’t be afraid to add another technique or two to help improve your job satisfaction. If you find it all overwhelming, choose one tip to focus on first. Once you have that under your belt, add another. Pretty soon, you’ll be loving your job even more!

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