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Energy Boost for Elderly People: 7 Ways to Maintain Energy

Energy Boost for Elderly People: 7 Ways to Maintain Energy

Energy Boost for Elderly People: 7 Ways to Maintain Energy

February 24 2020

Energy Boost for Elderly People: 7 Ways to Maintain Energy

Life can be long and not always easy. As we age, our life energy is depleting. However, simply accepting and complying with this fact is not the best way to live a long and healthy life.

We, at All American Home Care, have faced a lot of cases where we needed to find out how to increase energy after 50 years of age. Our experience allowed us to come up with seven simple kinds of energy boosters for seniors. We use them all the time and now want to share this knowledge with our family – you and your relatives!

Keep on Moving!

1According to the laws of physics, all objects in nature are in constant motion. This also applies to the human body. Genes, the environment, and lifestyle lead to changes in cells. Your muscles grow old and lose their mass and strength, and the joints become less flexible. These cellular changes also limit the activity of the heart muscle. As a result, any work becomes more tiring.
So, how can one have more energy after 60? To counteract age changes, doctors recommend 150 minutes per week (that is two and a half hours) of aerobic activity:

  • Walking
  • Swimming

Regularly perform stretching exercises to maintain muscle mass. Yoga classes will be suitable. However, always remember – this is not a competition. Do not harm yourself by trying to beat the record.
If you haven’t done any sports for a long time, first visit your doctor or a physiotherapist to recommend something that suits you. Determine the load of the classes you should take.

Adjust Your Diet

2A diet rich in nutrients can provide more energy at any age. Why? Well, first, a healthy diet can counteract the structural changes that many older people experience with their digestive tract. Moreover, it also supports the health of your heart and helps with the cognitive functions, which we tend to suffer from as we age.

Remember that your diet should have enough fiber. Fruits and vegetables have high fiber content, so adding them to your everyday menu would be very wise. One may also limit the number of sweets and high-fat products.

However, don’t forget about meat and dairy products (if there are no contraindications, of course). Also, make sure you consume enough liquid to maintain your energy – older people may not feel as thirsty as they do when they are young. The wrong diet can be a cause of low energy in elderly people.

At All American Home Care, we monitor the menu of our precious old ones closely. We know how great of a deal the food is, that’s why the meals are only of the highest quality and full of healthy vitamins.

Do Not Forget About Vitamin D!

3As we age, certain nutritional problems may arise, like osteoporosis, iron deficiency, vitamin deficiency, or protein-calorie deficiency. For elderly people, such problems may become very dangerous and risky issues. Not necessarily, however, quite often, the cause of them may be a lack of vitamin D.

Now, why is this vitamin so important? Let’s see:

  • It helps your bones to be less fragile
  • It supports your immune system
  • It prevents fatigue
  • It helps to relieve depression

For older people, adequate vitamin D levels can reduce the risk of osteoporosis and fractures. It can also increase the amount of energy. Actually, vitamins are generally important for senior’s energy.

Also, as skin ages, it becomes less effective at converting sunlight into vitamin D. So, if you don’t get enough vitamin D from the sun and nutrition, your doctor may recommend taking an extra supplement to prevent shortages.

Make an Inventory of the Medications You Take

4When we get older, more pills may appear in the first aid kit. Improper use of prescription and non-prescription drugs can have serious health consequences. For example, many drugs, including high-pressure drugs, antidepressants, antihistamines, have side effects that can reduce energy levels. So, take an inventory of all the drugs and supplements you are taking, both prescription and non-prescription.

Make sure that your doctor knows about each of them. Discuss any side effects that you are experiencing and whether it is worth changing the doses. In some cases, you may even find that you no longer need a particular drug.

Get a Quality Sleep

5Older people need just as much sleep as young people. It is recommended to sleep seven to eight hours a day, for people aged 65 years and over (compared to seven to nine hours for people aged 18 to 64 years). However, aging tends to have an impact on sleep and, accordingly, on the level of energy during the day.

The risk of sleep disturbance increases with age: it’s harder to fall asleep and easy to wake up at night. However, as doctors say, most of this may be due to physical or mental illnesses, or to the drugs used for treatment.

To help yourself sleep well at night, it is enough to follow a couple of simple steps: do not eat heavy food and do not exercise right before bedtime. Limiting the lighting at night will also be quite helpful. If you don’t feel rested after a full night’s sleep, ask your doctor to check if there are any medical problems.

Enjoy Your Hobbies and Communication with Other People

6Exercising isn’t the only way to accumulate energy. Social activities and hobbies will also help maintain mental and physical fitness. Increase the amount of time you spend with people who are pleasant to you.

Communicating with positive people with similar interests will excite and energize you. And don’t let negative people drain your energy – life is too short for that. Also, finding hobbies that will make you feel excited and happy will definitely make the days more pleasant and meaningful. There are many different clubs and hobby groups for the elderly now.

Get a Regular Medical Check-Up

7As you get closer to your golden years, you may be at risk of more health problems. But you can prevent some of these problems if you constantly visit your doctor for regular checkups. It’s important for elderly people to check the blood pressure, cholesterol, and sugar levels often.

Do not forget to visit the dentist, otolaryngologists, and ophthalmologists. If you still have some bad habits in your life – smoking, eating a lot of fatty foods, etc. – it is best to say goodbye to them for the sake of a long and healthy life.


At All American Home Care, we know a lot about how to have more energy after 60. Our well-trained and qualified staff is always ready to help your elder ones remain physically fit and active for as long as possible. It’s not as hard as it looks – it just requires patience and determination. We can provide this. We can help your loved ones to maintain a healthy and quality life.

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