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Effective Time Management Tips for Home Health Aides

Effective Time Management Tips for Home Health Aides

Effective Time Management Tips for Home Health Aides

March 06 2019

7 Tips to Help You Make the Most of Each Day

Traveling around to your different patients’ homes leaves you with less time in the day to accomplish all of the tasks that must be completed. Long hours and busy schedules can also leave little time for you to get things done in your personal life. All of this combined can leave you feeling frantic, stressed and exhausted. But by following these tips, you’ll be able to more effectively manage your time and feel less stressed out.

Make a Plan

1It’s important to start each day with a plan. Yes, things may suddenly change, but going in with a prioritized list of what needs to get done can help you feel more in control of a hectic day. Keep this list handy, such as writing it down in a small notebook that you keep with you during the day. Be sure to prioritize your tasks not only based on importance but also based upon other activities. For example, if you have two patients that you need to visit and they are on the same end of town, schedule them back-to-back so you aren’t driving across town multiple times a day.

Be Deliberate

2A good mantra to follow is “Haste makes waste.” Be deliberate in what you do. Rushing around can lead you to making a mistake or having to revisit something you thought you completed. Being deliberate means giving yourself a little bit of breathing room between your tasks too. This will add flexibility into your day, meaning you won’t be running behind if something ends up taking a bit longer than expected, leaving you less stressed.

Know When to Ask for Help

3Sometimes we just can’t do it all on our own, no matter how hard we might try. Know your limits and know when to ask for help. Not only will it reduce your own stress, but it will make your visits with patients more pleasant and efficient.

Keep Distraction to a Minimum

4It is easy to get distracted, especially with those smart phones in our pockets notifying us constantly of missed calls and incoming emails. Keep distractions to a minimum by turning off or silencing your personal phone. And while it is important to check your work phone for missed calls and emails, make sure you aren’t checking it so often that you end up making your day more busy.

Write it Down

5Sometimes we forget things—we are all human! To keep you from forgetting things and then feeling stressed when you finally remember, just write it down. Keep a small notebook with you so you don’t forget anything. This will also allow you to check things off your list as you go about your day.

Weekend Warrior

6Because your workdays may be long or very busy, your days off are the perfect time to get things done in your personal life. Again, make a prioritized list of what needs to be accomplished and be deliberate about it, but don’t forget to take time out for yourself. This is also the time to practice some self-care!

Make Your Health a Top Priority

7While we are on the subject of self-care, your health may not seem like an obvious time management tip, however it is perhaps the most important. Make sure to stay hydrated by sipping on water throughout the day. Also take some time for snacks and meals. And be sure to get a good night’s sleep and get in some weekly exercise. When you are not feeling your best, you can be sluggish and your cognitive functioning is slower. In order to take care of others well, you must first take care of yourself!


Prioritizing tasks, minimizing distractions and keeping yourself healthy and performing your best will keep your working more efficiently without feeling completely overwhelmed. Not only that, but you will also provide better care to your patients.

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