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Area Agency on Aging

There comes a point in all our lives when we begin to need help in order to do daily tasks or go places. As we age, we are also in need of additional health care treatments and care plans. With an aging population in the baby boomer generation, senior care for aging has become an important part of the lives of many around the country.

Senior care for aging can encompass a wide variety of services and help seniors in any stage or health condition. When hear the term elderly care, we often think of nursing facilities or Philadelphia senior centers. Philadelphia senior centers do play an important role locally, as do many nursing facilities, however, there are many services available than just adult day care and long-term nursing care for the chronically ill.

What is an Area Agency on Aging?

One of your best sources for information on aging, including community programs and agencies that offer services to the elderly, is an area agency on aging (AAA). Sometimes a local area agency on aging is referred to as corporations for aging.

A corporation for aging, or area agency on aging, are nonprofits that provide coordination of services (through organizations such as a Philadelphia senior center or a local home care company) as well as resources on how to enrich the lives of our elderly citizens through senior care for aging. These resources from corporations for aging include classes on nutrition, exercise classes, transportation and even recommendations on companies that provide senior care (i.e. skilled nursing facilities or in home health care companies).

An area agency on aging may also provide caregiver support, advocacy, delivered meals and  legal assistance. Corporations for aging provide positive support for the elderly and their families, particularly for those senior citizens who are living in poverty.

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How Do I Locate My Local Corporation for Aging?

While there is a National Association of Area Agencies on Aging, each state has its own corporation for aging or area agency on aging. Often, there will be local offices in many counties or cities for a state’s corporation for aging. And these local corporations for aging often have their own websites as well.

If you don’t know how to find your local corporation for aging, you can use the  search function on the website for of the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging. Or you can locate your local corporation for aging with the locator tool on the Pennsylvania Department of Aging website.

Area Agency on Aging

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Philadelphia Corporation for Aging: The Basics

For those who live in Philadelphia, your local agency on aging is the Philadelphia Corporation for Aging. You might hear the Philadelphia Corporation for Aging also referred to as PCA, PCA Philadelphia, Phila Corp for Aging or the Philadelphia Department for Aging.

PCA Philadelphia was founded in 1973 and is the fourth largest in the nationwide network of Area Agencies on Aging and is the largest AAA in the state of Pennsylvania. Phila Corp for Aging’s mandate is to “facilitate the area-wide development and implementation of a comprehensive coordinated system for providing long-term care in home and community-based settings, in a manner responsive to the needs and preferences of older individuals and their family caregivers.”

PCA Philadelphia  coordinates a broad range of services for area senior citizens, including care at home, advocacy, caregiver support, employment assistance, health promotion, home repair, information and referral, legal assistance, home-delivered meals, protective services, Philadelphia senior centers, transportation and much more. These services allow older adults to live as independently as possible and still have an enriched life through social interactions, participating in hobbies and access to good health care.

To learn more about Phila Corp for Aging, visit their website or call the PCA number at 215-765-900, or toll free outside of Philadelphia at 888-482-9060.

How is the Philadelphia Corporation for Aging Funded?

As a nonprofit, the Philadelphia Department for Aging, or the Philadelphia Corporation for Aging, works on a budget. Funding for PCA Philadelphia comes from the Older Americans Act and the Pennsylvania Lottery through the Pennsylvania Department Aging. Funding also comes from Medical Assistance through the Department of Human Services as well as from grants and donations.

What Can PCA Philadelphia Do for Me?

The Philadelphia Department for Aging, or PCA Philadelphia offers a variety of services for seniors and their family caregivers. Local corporations for aging work to coordinate a broad range of services. Through this local corporation for aging in particular, you can get help with something as simple as transportation services to the more complex, such as referrals for companies that offer care at home. Often these services are coordinated through local services, such as Philadelphia senior centers.

It is easy to get in contact with the Phila Corp for Aging. You can visit their website: or you can call the PCA number at 215-765-900, or toll free outside of Philadelphia at 888-482-9060. By contacting the PCA number or by visiting their website, you will be able to better understand the services that are available to you and your loved one.

Some of the senior care for aging services you can learn about via the website or PCA number (215-765-900) include:

  • Protective Services
  • Emergency Resources
  • Care at Home
  • Food and Meals
  • Housing Resources
  • Legal Assistance
  • Caregiver Support
  • Mental and Behavioral Health
  • Philadelphia Senior Centers
  • Transportation
  • And more!

The Philadelphia Department for Aging can also give you assistance with finding a service provider. Phila Corp for Aging can even give you a service needs checklist and provide an online form to request assistance

The Philadelphia Department for Aging is also concerned with senior safety. To report elder abuse, you can contact the helpline PCA number at 215-765-9040 or the TDD number at 215-765-9041.

All American Care and Senior Care for Aging

All American is your premier choice in Philadelphia for in home senior care for aging. Our skilled and caring team can help with a variety of senior care services including health care at home and help with daily tasks such as food preparation, bathing and dressing. Our home health care services including:

  • Patient and caregiver education
  • Wound care
  • Physical/occupational therapy
  • Intravenous or nutrition therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Injections
  • Monitoring serious illness and unstable health status
  • Administering medications
  • Mobility assistance and transportation
  • Assistance with daily activities, such as hygiene, food preparation, dressing, and more.
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