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How to Achieve the Best Work-Life Balance as a CNA

How to Achieve the Best Work-Life Balance as a CNA

How to Achieve the Best Work-Life Balance as a CNA

August 29 2018

Finding the Right Balance For You

Achieving a good work-life balance is hard for anyone, but it can be especially hard when you work long hours or the graveyard shift.  To achieve a healthy work-life balance, it is important to remember to take care of yourself and to find a good balance of time between your work life and your home life.  Finding the right balance for you, not only reduces your stress, but also can result in higher job satisfaction.  It can also increase your focus and concentration and improve your overall health.

Practice Mindfulness

1Working in the healthcare field can be both stressful and emotional.  Learning to be present in the moment, allowing yourself to recognize how you are feeling, can help you manage the ups and downs of daily life. Practicing mindfulness allows you to be more productive at work and also more present for friends and family at home.  If you are new to the practice of mindfulness, there are many different apps you can download that will guide you through the process.  There are also a variety of articles online to help you learn about mindfulness.

Practice Self-Care

2The healthcare field is a career path that means you are constantly giving of yourself and that can take a lot out of a person day after day.  That is why it is so vital to take a little “me time.”  When you have some down time, you may feel the urge to get that last chore done or run that final errand, but don’t forget to take some time to do something that makes you happy, such as reading, binging a favorite TV show, hiking or even baking.  Good self-care also means eating healthy and practicing good sleep habits.

Let it Go

3Don’t bring work home with you.  When you are at home, try not to think about work.  It is important to create a division between your work life and your home life.  If you don’t, work stress will creep into your personal time, perhaps even causing stress in your relationships at home.

Limit Email Access

4Constantly checking your emails throughout the day doesn’t leave much time for anything else. Set yourself a number of times to check email during the day and stick to it! Also set a boundary for checking work emails at home so that work doesn’t eat into your personal time.

Manage Your Time

5There are only so many hours in a day and in this chosen career field, time flies.  You may find yourself often wondering how the day is almost over already and this can cause stress.  To help manage your time better both at home and work, create a weekly calendar, mapping out your work and personal priorities at the start of each week. Don’t forget to include activities such as exercise, family time and personal time.  How much you spend on each of these priorities is up to you but make sure to schedule at least one thing each day that you know you will forward to doing.

Prioritize and Delegate Tasks Each Day

6Sometimes it may seem like it is you against the rest of the world or that you have to do as much as humanly possible.  There is no need to add additional stress to your work and home life that doesn’t need to be there.  At the beginning of each day, make a list of what needs to be accomplished and prioritize them.  If you can’t do it all, don’t be afraid to ask for help or to delegate tasks to coworkers on your team or family members.

Take Advantage of Your Options

7If you have flex hours or other scheduling flexibility, try taking advantage of it.  The more control you have over the hours you work and when, the less stress you are likely to feel.

Learn to Say No

8Whether you are asked to take on extra work on the job or to spearhead a PTA fundraiser, know that it is okay to respectfully say no. It is important to know your limits and to not feel guilty about it or have a false sense of obligation. Take time for what is important and meaningful to you.  And when you do take on too much at home or work, you don’t have the time to do your best work on each task.

Develop Stronger Relationships with Family and Friends

9Once you have learned to better manage your time when it comes to work, chores and errands, begin to think about how to put those skills to use for spending time with the people you love most.  Try scheduling a weekly activity with your family, like game night or movie night, or a monthly dinner with friends to help you stay connected and in touch. Though your schedule and availability will vary due to work, sticking to a plan of regular outings or activities will help keep you on the path to a healthy work-life balance.

Learn to Say No

10Laughter is the Best Medicine
A good belly laugh can do wonders for the soul.  It’s also okay to take some time off from being the provider and just enjoy life.  You are responsible for everything that goes on in your life, so make sure that you are doing some things that you love to do.


By practicing these tips, you should be able to find the right work-life balance for you. Achieving that balance will keep you motivated, happy and healthy.  Not only will you enjoy your time off more, but you will also be more productive at work.

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